Are you interested in becoming a mentor? There are many benefits to participating in the programme as a mentor:

  • The role of mentor gives you the opportunity to share your experiences and knowledge, and help another person grow and develop.
  • The mentorship helps to improve your people skills and coaching abilities. The mentorship programme provides insight into what is happening at Chalmers, how the programmes for engineers and architects work, and how today’s students think. If you are a Chalmers alumnus, it is also a chance to give back to Chalmers.
  • The mentorship also gives you a chance to reflect over your own goals and ambitions through mutual discussions about personal and professional development.
  • The mentorship programme gives you many opportunities to build networks at Chalmers with students and other mentors.

Is mentorship in Mentor EDIT a good fit for you?
There is no set formula for how a mentor should be. Different types of students need different types of mentors. We are therefore looking for mentors with different backgrounds, experience and position within their respective company. We prefer that you have been working for at least 5 years since the role of mentor requires a certain level of work experience.

Mentor guide (Sve)

Mentor guide (Eng)

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